FEI Foods first to market with recycle-ready food pouch

FEI Foods, in partnership with J M Packaging, launch recycle-ready, mono-material, ready-to-heat, stand-up pouch

Available in the central UK and European supermarkets now, a global first for the industry

This pioneering packaging technology affords retailers and consumers with a product that is food-safe and recyclable, where the current recycling framework grants

Based in South Wales, FEI Foods is the most comprehensive processer of ready-to-eat rice and grain pouches in Europe. Working closely with J M Packaging, a foremost supplier of bespoke, flexible packaging to the UK Food Industry, this advanced launch results from developing a technologically advanced mono-material that is recycle-ready retort-ready while keeping all the mechanical properties of a conventional stand-up pouch.

Simon Lewis, Managing Director of FEI Foods, said:

“Quality and innovation are at the lead of our DNA at FEI Foods. As a business leader in this category in Europe, we must lead the way in developing a recycle-ready pouch. We are approved to provide the most sustainable product possible, and the development of this pouch has been an important key objective for us for some years. Twenty-four months of diligent testing of this new material has culminated in this launch.”

“We are happy and proud to be first to market with this solution. As a predominantly Private Label producer, this is an excellent achievement for our business, and the better retailers that we work with now have a major sustainable present for their customers.”

Jason McGill, Managing Director of JMP, said:

“Throughout this project, we have demonstrated our commitment to the circular economy, concentrating on optimizing flexible packaging to decrease the influence on the environment while supporting convenience and food safety to the customer. We are pleased to bring the first mono-material, recycle-ready, ready-to-heat pouch to the market and appreciate our team and partners FEI Foods for their support to help make this happen.”

With sustainability and environmental concerns in mind, coupled with an identified importance within the industry for the product, FEI and JMP focused on developing a recycle-ready mono-material pouch, embarking on the process in early 2019.

This concentration, focus, and dedication have resulted in us bringing this product to market, making it the first mono-material, recycle-ready, ready-to-heat pouch prepared in the major UK and European supermarkets.

The pouch size, shape, and function endure the same as current packs and present attributes required by customers such as food safety, ease of use, and support while providing ground-breaking environmental benefits.

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