New Challenges for Packaging Technologist in 2020

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Packaging Business in 2020 will be exciting, dynamic, and competitive. With the development of billions of new users into the “developed” world, the highlighting on education, the pressure to raise or sustain living standards while consuming fewer resources, and the global availability of knowledge. Manufacturers will have unprecedented market opportunities but will also be subject to unprecedented competitive pressures. We need to prioritize the long-term manufacturing research focus on developing abilities in the priority technology areas to meet the grand challenges.

      The global warming, aggression against plastic, sustainable pressure, condition to meet the standard, and reusing the waste material are the key factors in 2020. Why not are companies involving in recycling and sustainable packaging? Just because a cost factor involved. But how to deal with all with the facts and figure to match with the cost-effective packaging. So, the role of Packaging Technologist in 2020 is to overcome all the issues generated by packaging material as per Global guidelines. 

Let’s understand the role of Packaging Technologist in 2020 as follows:
  1. Global Warming: – Right now, everyone thinks all global pollution is just by the carbon footprint generated by the companies, especially plastic or petroleum products. Need breakthrough research on the carbon footprint evaluation, which is from the production level, transits, and at the end of the life cycle of packaging material. So, whole life cycle assessment (also known as life-cycle analysisEco balance, and cradle-to-grave analysis) is required environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product’s life from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling. First of all, you have a data calculator with yourself, then only you can calculate the carbon footprint.
  2. Aggression against plastic: – This factor is also not new, but the public and government anger seen in 2019, by the newly action taken by the UN council to control or somewhere ban the single-use plastic. The plastic has created many issues like polluted ocean waste, chocked river and severs, led many health issues, etc. Many times, it has been seen that it is being consumed by the animal also. So, technically, plastic created this, but not handled professionally. Thus, the main point is to make your mind to use the best alternative of plastic, which doesn’t impact directly on the companies. 
  3. Sustainable Packaging alternative: – Many Packaging Technologists don’t get adequately clear with this terminology sustainable. Most of them think it is an alternative to plastic, and many think it is less usage of plastic. But what is write terminology: – Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging, which results in improved sustainability. Whatever is Packaging material which has less impact on environment comparative to earlier i.e., sustainable growth.
  4. Global standard: – Drastically UN council, EU member, and the US changing the laws for the usage of plastic and other packaging material guidelines. Recently many companies ban the single-use plastic and also ban the below 51micron thickness plastic. So, get yourself updated with the legal and regulation laws before going to get market complaints.
  5. Reusing waste material:- In my views Packaging Business in 2020, the counties will come up with new laws like whomsoever companies has generated the plastic (packed products) will have to support some financial aids to the government in support of recycling. So, being a packaging technologist has to play the role here to bring with a news innovation or alternate solution to less burden of financial aids. 
  6. New Advanced Augmented intelligence Technology: – Now Apple and Google companies emphasize on the usage of the latest innovation and already adopted in the newly launched mobiles. And also, few food companies introduced in their packaging. Where consumers scan it and get the image of the product with the detailed info in their mobile phones/tablets in a 3D view.
  7. Cost-effective Packaging Material: – Being a Packaging Engineer, this will be the priority given by companies to reduce the cost-effective packaging with up to mark quality standards. 
  8. Advance Printing Technology for the Artwork: – The scenario is common in the printing field, and we are just adopting the same type of pattern in the printing field from the last 10years. 2020 will change thrilling, energetic, and competitive. 



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