Archroma introduced Appretan® NTR barrier solutions for food packaging

Archroma, an international leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, declared that its ground-breaking Appretan® NTR variety based on 30% renewable raw material can now be used to impart barrier properties to specified food packaging.

Appretan® NTR 

Customers are increasingly glaring upon being done their favored street foods or fast foods in polystyrene (PS) or plastic-based containers and wrappings. Paper-based packaging can deliver a considerably more sustainable option if not lined with a plastic film, producing them inappropriate for recycling and composting. The solution is to choose paper coatings and barrier options suitable for the purpose and developed to make food packaging safe for food contact and more recyclable.

30% renewable raw material 

Archroma is known for its creations and sustainable solution systems desired to help packaging & paper factories to optimize productivity and produce value in their markets. 

Just a few months back, the organization introduced Cartaseal® VWAF

  • a PFC-free 
  • ammonia-free barrier 
  • Odorless paper food packaging

 As well as in 2019, Appretan® NTR, produced with 30% active content based on natural, renewable raw materials, was developed for usage in nonwoven articles such as tea bags and coffee filters.

Coating for the Food packaging wrap

They examined a new specific application to deliver a more sustainable barrier choice for general food packaging with a short contact time, such as a burger or sandwich paper wraps.

The Appretan® NTR range is produced with over 30% renewable raw material parts, reducing the usage of fossil fuel-based resources without letting the required performance of water, oil, and grease resistance. It is a more sustainably reliable alternative for packaging manufacturers and food retailers ready to help tackle the effects of our food consumption habits.

The Appretan® NTR range is at the core of NATURE BITES, a barrier system launched by Archroma. In this new system, Appretan® NTR can be integrated with Cartacoat® primers appropriate for food contact to seal the paper surface for further increased performance.

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