Beeswax Wrap is an alternative to Aluminium and Plastic wrap

Plastic pollution is among the direst environmental challenges of our period: It endangers, chokes our oceans, and contaminates our foodstuffs and water. The realities and figures are sobering — and nearly unimaginable in scale.

According to a report published by National Geographic, a staggering 91 percent of Plastic is never recycled; half of all Plastic made becomes waste in less than a year. If current trends persist, Nat Geo reports, we’ll witness 12 billion metric tons of plastics in trash yards by 2050 — a quantity that’s 35,000 times more than the Empire State Building. There is already more microplastic in our oceans than stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

beeswax wraps

Is it to have your brunch in a sandwich wrap instead of a disposable sandwich baggie or to bundle a hunk of cheese in Bee’s Wrap instead of cling film? That matters.

Plastic is forever. Beeswax Wrap isn’t. And that’s by design.

Beeswax Wrap is inherently biodegradable and compostable. It began making Beeswax Wrap behind, growing deeply concerned about the ongoing effect of plastics on our world. Plastic never escapes us. It remains in landfills for centuries. It penetrates our soil, waterways, and oceans, shattering into tiny, ever-present pieces.

GOTS standard

We were using recycled, plastic-free packaging. We’re particular about where and how we extract our beeswax, performing with beekeepers with strict sustainability standards. And it’s why we employ Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton as the basis for our wraps.

Even amid alarming reports of plastic pollution, we see indications of hope. We’re encouraged by zero-waste activists supporting new habits, cities, and countries assessing policies to stem the plastic tide. British scientists have noticed a decline in plastic bags on the ocean floor associated with fees for plastic bags at grocery stores. We have the power to change our relationship with this pervasive material. While plastics feel inescapable in our day-to-day lives, the truth is that this material is incredibly new to our planet. We can and should live differently.

Biodegradable BeesWax Wrap

Finishing plastic pollution is an aim that encourages us in our work every day and in our day-to-day lives as we attempt to cut out disposable, single-use plastics wherever we are possible. We wish that Beewax Wrap could help you make that shift, substituting plastic wrap and sandwich baggies with a true-to-life alternative that’s reusable and fully biodegradable.

BeesWax Wrap, BeesWax Wrapper

People Love to Use BeesWax Wrap

  1. Save a wedge of cheese
  2. Keep bread fresh
  3. Cover leftovers
  4. Replace plastic bags in school lunches
  5. Store leftover lemons and limes
  6. Pack a snack
  7. Roll and refrigerate the dough
  8. Keep producing crisp
  9. Wrap half an avocado
  10. Give the gift of sustainability

BeesWax Wrap, BeesWax Wrapper

So, this is where biodegradability arrives: A biodegradable product can be quickly returned to the planet. It’s a technology as old as period, and everything made in nature repays to nature with time. There’s no complex recycling process and no requirement to send your Bee’s Wrap to a separate facility. Created from four easy ingredients, Beeswax Wrap is made from the earth and designed to return to the earth.

BeesWax Wrap, BeesWax Wrapper

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