The App will tell you about the packaging sustainability

Do you know if your packed food has a low carbon footprint, whether your packaging is recyclable and whether it’s been responsibly purchased? Everybody is thinking about these environmental questions when deciding the food as programs such as Blue Planet” and the BBC’s Orangutan Diaries spotlight the influence of the decision we make in the supermarket. As a result, customers need to know a lot more further about the products came from.

The difficulty is that producing sustainable choices is challenging. With having than 300k goods on offer in UK supermarkets having thousands of brands & it’s difficult to know where to start.

Every product has contents of detail on the label that people want to understand and even more data beyond the label. One label can get 3 minutes to read, but who has an hour to read through a shopping basket with 20 items? And at the same amount of time that the average person spends on Facebook and Instagram but a lot less exciting.

Giki aims to make it simple for people to find answers to these questions so that they can find the products that match their values and beliefs.

Get to know

1 – Scan the barcode of a product with an application

2 – The app awards badges across 12 different cities to highlight issues that users may care about

3 – More badges product you can check out

It’s that simple.

The App will tell you about the packaging - PackagingGURUji

At the focus of Giki’s strategy are the badges which incorporate sustainability, health, and fairness. Sustainability has the most utmost potential badges covering: organic; recyclable packaging; greener cosmetics; responsibly sourced; kinder cleaning; low carbon footprint and local.


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