First-ever 100% recyclable aerosol spray cap with insert, mono-material: the sustainable way to realize a fine spray

Concentrating on sustainability and functionality, Weener Plastics (WP) has created a revolutionary spray method for aerosol spray closures with an insert: the Ultimate Spray System (USS). 

Patented Tech.

The patented two-piece product technology – the most sustainable option today – offers the performance of familiar, proven conventional spray caps. This excellent performance and sustainability result from the material used for the insert and the intelligent design of the spray cap.

Mono-material: PP insert

Aerosols use a spray cap with an insert to acquire refined spray patterns for specific application requirements. Traditionally, inserts are created of polymethyl methacrylate (POM), which cannot be recycled and disrupts waste streams. To solve this, WP has made the special USS with a polypropylene (PP) insert, a genuine mono-material product. The PolyPropylene spray cap, including the PP insert, can be recycled 100% in standard waste streams. The spray cap is also known for recycled PP (rPP/PCR) to boost circularity further.

Innovative design: removable spray cap

The USS shows a second novel quality: the spray cap can be fast and conveniently removed from the aerosol container before disposal. Thanks to an intuitive functionality, the finger button can be raised, at which point the accommodation of the spray closure is torn open and can be removed. The individual spray cap and aerosol container can then be disposed of in the correct waste stream, providing adequate recycling.

The USS is not only genuinely sustainable but also positively functional. Comprehensive tests with a wide range of formulations show an exceptional spray performance. Relying on the application, customers can choose the required spray characteristics – for example, different orifices and spray patterns. Several international and local trademarks have shown serious interest in adopting USS for their personal and home care products.

The system also shows excellent design freedom for the spray caps. As a result, many different designs and customization are achievable to boost brand recognition or distinguish itself from the competitor. The insert and housing can both be assigned different colors. The closure fits standard aluminum and tinplate aerosol containers and can be processed on classic filling lines.

  • Next-generation Aerosol Cap with Ultimate Spray System
  • Best in class sustainable solution on the market – fully recyclable
  • Mono-material Packaging: aerosol spray cap and insert made of PolyPropylene or recycled PP/PCR
  • The spray cap can be separated from the aerosol container before disposal
  • Highly versatile, excellent spray performance

This latest development is a component of WP’s circular economy program. Innovative technologies, low-carbon materials, and intelligent product designs are vital drivers to improve circularity and lower the footprint of our products. Thanks to this successful approach, we enable customers and consumers to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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