Vodka bottle brings the music

Vodka bottle brings the music - PackagingGURUji

Pennington Distilling Company decided to turn to “Studio One Eleven” to intensify the “Pickers” vodka brand which required a way to stand out from rivals in an increasingly crowded field.

Shelf packaging of the Pickers brands has a regular image in the market, so Pennington invited to Studio One Eleven to incorporate Pickers’ musical, cultural, and regional themes into a new brand experience. Mainly, Pennington also proposed that the new design has to be minimal impact on pre-post packaging operations.

After presenting a section audit of Pickers’ competitive set and in-market field research on Nashville’s heritage, music, and bar culture, design a bottle that confirms the clear connections to Pickers’ roots. Everyone who touches the bottles first notices that the sides of the bottle are having a pattern of embossed guitar fretboard spanning at the side of the bottle.

Vodka bottle brings the music - PackagingGURUji

Neck side of the bottle, a guitar pick-shaped embossment catches the iconic three stars of the Tennessee flag’s Grand Divisions. Both fretboard and the pick elements described significant scientific challenges, but they worked jointly with Berlin Packaging’s to ensure that our vision was patiently performed in the glass.

An impactful packaging activity that will propel the Pickers brands to even more significant successes promptly brought to market via our turnkey suite of design, engineering, sourcing, and logistics. Cheers to that!




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