Recycling Myths of Plastic – will change your mind

Most acceptable, when you throw your plastic waste into a recycle bin, you think you’re doing the right duty. You believe your plastic trash gets magically gone to a recycling market where it will be converted back into more useful plastic items.

Recycling feels like a simple method to get relieved of stuff, a way to stop your plastic pouch or container or food container from the landfill. But these fun little recycling stories mostly aren’t real and hoping them is a misconception.

Worldwide, only 10-15% of plastic currently gets converted to re-use. That indicates 85-90% of it both end up in the landfill or jumbled everywhere the environment. The World Economic Forum WEF concludes that as much as 30% of plastic leak out of the gathering system and is uncounted, & it’s shed in the river or the ocean. The myth that the plastic we think that put in the recycle trash can actually get recycled and re-used again is just a fantasy.

Myth 1: Single-use utensils/Plates marked “biodegradable” must be a sustainable option, right? Well, no. The term “biodegradable” is a misunderstanding.

Most of the “biodegradable” utensils marketed as sustainable alternatives to plastic aren’t compostable or recyclable. The purpose of bio-plastic goods is that they’re assumed to break down. But actually, they only happen down in a very much heat industrial composting plant. For us, ordinary people with garden compost bins, these plates and utensils will not breakdown.

Myth 2: You can try throwing those fun, bright orange, purple, or any color bottles/container of washing detergent and shampoo/oil convert into the recycling when they’re free from product. But, the fun part, most won’t get recycled.

Deep or dark colored plastic is challenging if not difficult, to reuse. Think of blending paint, the darker the color is, the harder to change the color to a new shade. Only white or natural plastic can be put through the recycling process. Rather of being recovered, bright color plastic might sit bundled up at your local recycling center for a few dates before being shipped off to the landfill.

Myth 3: You imagine that single-use plastic liquid bottle moves off to be shredded, blended, ground up into small plastic pellets, and these as new plastic pellets are re-made into different valuable items. Yup, true? Nope.

While it is sure that your plastic water bottle is one of the few types of plastic that can be recovered, the quality of the plastic degrades once it’s done using. Recycled plastic is generally down-cycled into lower grade quality, lesser value plastic.

Vihaan Nagal

संवेष्टन अभियान्ता | Packaging Engineer | Verpackung Ingenieur *Free time blogger *Believe in packaging reform (say naa to orthodox packaging) My life lies between degradable and non-degradable material.

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