High-Performance Recycled Film with Recycled content – Berry

Recycled Content Film – NorDiVent

Berry packaging solutions have produced an essential technical breakthrough with the strength to include up to 50% recycled content into its market-leading NorDiVent form, fill and seal (FFS) film without any diminish in overall strength and MVTR performance.

Berry’s Sustane® recycled Polymer

The flexible film can now be made using Berry’s Sustane® recycled polymer, manufactured from a combination of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic to deliver a standard of material similar to virgin polymer.

Ideal for Chemical Powder Packing

Importantly, this improvement has been achieved while sustaining NorDiVent’s many user advantages. The film provides a good long-term dust-free and moisture-free solution for the filling and packing of all kinds of powdered products, including chemicals and construction. At the same time, food-safe blends are also possible for food applications.

The future of sustainable food packaging

NorDiVent’s durable construction gives consistently reliable execution. The flexible film is entirely waterproof and ensures air is let out in a dust-free manner, giving adequate MVTR protection for products that must be kept dry and enabling applications to be stored outdoors. Its high tear resistance provides further product protection and avoids spillages and product waste during the supply chain. A type of option, including anti-static, enables the film to cope with the most challenging applications and products.

10-colors of Printing

The quality of the film also provides printing in up to 10 colors to create impactful branding and maximize on-shelf presence.

“This is an important development that underlines our technical capabilities,” said Frank Heseding of Berry bpi packaging solutions. “Effective product protection which helps to minimize unnecessary waste and lightweight packaging that reduces the impact of transportation are in themselves important sustainability benefits, but the incorporation of recycled content with no performance disadvantage is another significant achievement in our continuing drive to develop solutions that support our customers’ sustainability goals.”

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