First-of-its-kind Cosmetic Bottle Derived From Enzymatic Plastic Recycling

L’Oréal informed the realization of the first cosmetic bottle produced from plastic entirely recycled using Carbios’ enzymatic technology and seeks to make the bottles based on this disruptive innovation in 2025. 

Biotherm would be the foremost of the Group’s brands to introduce a product in this bottle of the future.

We are pleased to be the first beauty brand to recognize a wholly recycled bottle using plastic from Carbios’ disruptive technology”.

Enzymatic Plastic Recycling

In 2016 experimenters guided by microbiologist Kohei Oda of the Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan reported a surprise discovery. Oda’s group called a recycling site that concentrated on items created of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a transparent plastic that is utilized to make clothing fibers and drink bottles.

Plastic PET has long string-like molecules. These are made from smaller molecules strung jointly into chains. The chemical bonds in PET chains are robust, so it is long-lasting – specifically, what you do not like in single-use plastic.

Enzymatic Plastic Recycling, Ideonella sakaiensis
Source: L’Oréal

Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6

Oda’s team carried specimens of sediment and wastewater mixed with PET and filtered them for micro-organisms that could develop on the plastic. It discovered a new strain of bacterium called Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6. This microbe could develop on segments of PET. Also, Oda’s team said that the bacterium could use PET as its primary source of nutrients, degrading the PET in the method.

It has a capacity for pair of enzymes produced by the bacteria. Enzymes are complicated molecules that can quicken up chemical reactions. They are vital to life: our digestive system depends on enzymes to break down the complicated chemicals in meals into simpler ones that our bodies can absorb and use. For example, our saliva has an enzyme called amylase that splits up the long molecules of starch found in foodstuffs such as bread.

New Research finds the plastic-eating bacteria to overcome the plastic pollution – Chinese scientists

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