Know-How Clamshell Packaging can be done?

Generally, we confuse between blister and clamshell packaging, because both were thermoformed type of packaging.

But the difference is the clamshell encloses the product from both sides with the same plastic material.
And the plastic edges (flanges) can be heat sealed together and lock-in style.
One of the companies has a unique Clamshell packaging, i.e., Virtuweld Packaging. 

What does it mean by Virtuweld?

It is an exclusive trademark clamshell design that features a unique embossed on both the plastic flanges. And it stitches that produce the clamshell package seem to be machine-welded. However, the clamshell unsealed and manually closed hand to clip into place. It works as a quick joining of the plastic flanges.
Virtuweld: It’s as good as sealed. 

Highlights of Clamshell Packaging:-

  • Clamshells can be any shape as per mold to follow the contours of an item.
  • Generally, use PVC for the reclosable clamshell packaging.
  • It serves as a clear plastic thermoform structure for holding several small loose pieces together.
  • Tri-Fold or footed clamshells packaging offers gives maximum versatility in promoting the goods. Those packages can dangle from a hook, reach alone on a shelf, or sit upright within a display.
  • A printed card or paper can add between the two-layer. It increases the aesthetic appeal and sells the product with communicated graphics and product information. While the transparent plastic gives excellent visibility. 
  • It sealed on all edges; clamshell packages are particularly tampered and theft-resistant.
  • Clamshells Packaging is reclosable and reusable if left unlocked.
  • Clamshell packaging is a primarily useful packaging option for small and single packaging of electronics targeted for theft.

Product list for the clamshell packaging:

  1. Hardware & Tools Industry
  2. Beauty and cosmetic products
  3. Household goods
  4. Electronics change parts
  5. Baby toys and games 
  6. Sports items
  7. Automotive parts
  8. Stationery items

What’s the advantage of Clamshell Packaging? 

  • Lower costs
  • Eliminate printing plates, cutting die, set-up charges, and the fees for full production tooling. 
  • Customized clamshell packaging with high visibility
  • Reclosable 

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