A step ahead of Zero waste by Pathwater

One of the cities of the United States of the Americas, San Francisco Airport (SFO) is going to be the FIRST triple zero airport in the world! 

San Francisco Airport (SFO) initiated the concept of ZERO WASTE by 2021, and well on their access to accomplishing their goals. SFO has undoubtedly done their preparation, and after analyzing the data, they are now advancing genuine solutions. It involves bottled water that is made out of 100% recyclable/reusable packaging material such as aluminum and glass, which are part of a closed-loop recycling system and also leaching free material. Aluminum and glass have so many advantages over plastic in terms of quality rather than recycling.

So, PATHWATER thinks concerning the people and environmental health, which not only provides travelers with purified water in an aluminum bottle but also promotes sustainability efforts to a whole new level. The company giving a water bottle that is genuinely affordable, durable, and REUSABLE – an experience no other bottled water has focused on.


PATHWATER Launches the First Reusable Packaging-PackagingGURUji

A step ahead of Zero waste by Pathwater

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