Yili China installed the dry aseptic PET lines from Sidel

China’s beginning dairy brand, Yili, strengthened the trust they have in their longstanding alliance with Sidel: determined their strong belief in PET packaging & installed two aseptic entire PET packaging lines, having the Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis™ with its dry preform sterilization technology.

Yili is influential in the potential of PET as a packaging material, as it perfectly suits the Chinese consumers’ & their expectations by being user-friendly, re-sealable, and recyclable. It also gives a choice in bottle shape to distinguish their dairy brand on the Chinese supermarket shelves.

All of these analyses supported the Yili tricky direction to partly switch their production from carton to PET containers with the aim of including innovative packaging. The Ambrosial Greek Yogurt, packed in PET single-serve bottles, has been highly successful since its launch. Acknowledging the developing market need for this premium drinking yogurt, joined with a willingness to innovate the brand, Yili decided to spend in a two new aseptic PET packaging lines.

PET barrier qualified for 5-months shelf life

Sidel’s assistance the Yili held the first one to bottle Ambrosial Greek Yogurt in PET for ambient delivery – a product which had previously been in cartons. So, Sidel and Yili co-operated to fully qualify the PET barrier properties and make sure which type of PET bottles would allow Yili’s yogurts to retain their fresh taste and vitamin content. This is particularly important as this product’s quality can be easily compromised by the effects of light, oxygen, and temperature. All these considerations justified the requirement for full barrier opaque packaging.


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