Why FSC CERTIFICATION is required?


Delivering business benefits by ensuring environmental and social responsibility.

All people need to know where products come from, & how they made, and their impact on the environment.
Means eco-credentials are working a frequently significant role in consumers’ and businesses’ decisions about what they buy.
The FSC logo/label deliver guarantees for consumers, but what does FSC certification mean for your business, and why would you consider becoming FSC-certified?
For businesses that trade forest products, it is an indication to your customers – consumers or other companies – concern about the origin of your products, and the influence of the environment, as much as they do. It gives your business credibility.
Two types of FSC certification are:
  1. Forest owners and managers, forest management certification is a guarantee your methods and procedures meet FSC standards.
  2. Businesses manufacturing or trading forest products, chain of custody certification confirms that products are examined accurately at every stage of production – from forest to shelf.


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