What is driving consumer packed goods through E-Commerce

1. We live in a cross-channel content strategy world with real-time transforming the way we shop.

Shoppers are not always getting a straight route to purchase & influencing the way customers shop; smartphones are increasingly essential to consumers’ shopping journeys.

In this retail world, retailers and brand owners have a moment to make the consumer’s purchasing and repurchasing activity as seamless, comfortable and simple as possible. But to recognize that blurred and improving ways to impact packaging, and if the packaging fails, that influences the consumer’s behavior

2. We live in a touring culture
Many people were traveling extra, online retailers and brands are replying to their demands by allowing their products that satisfy the requirements and offer giving ease for on-the-go use.

For example, Shining products ship in its popular pink pouches, but the bag is also sold individually. Glossier enthusiasts use the pouch as an easy way to keep items organized and an excellent way to carry liquids in carry-on luggage.

3. Consumers are more frequently shifting to subscription services for their CPG purchases.

Several online subscription services are according to strong view linked with support, giving them license to upcharge. According to Nielsen, 66% of shoppers are ready to pay extra if the company is committed to social or environmental change. For example, The Honest Company’s approach uses their products joined with Honest “bundles” offer service for consumers willing to pay a markup for products that give them peace of mind.

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