Varibox IBC designed for Safe handling for hazardous chemicals

RPC Promens is presenting its sustained Varibox IBC into the UK and Ireland, giving the perfect solution for the secure and cost-effective handling of hazardous chemicals.

The heavy-duty IBC comprises an inner container (HDPE) embedded by an outer cover(like Metal, plastic). The container is a proper fit for intense usage for up to five years, making the Varibox fully reusable. This provides us an enhanced carbon footprint, as well as significantly diminishing the amount of packaging waste and the resulting need to buy PRNs, the average price of which for plastic waste more than doubled during 2018.

Also, the Varibox assures remarkably safe handling of hazardous chemicals, acknowledgments to its robust and long-lasting construction, roto-molded in HDPE, which provides the best protection, transportation, storage, and usage. For the UK and Irish markets, the IBC can be designed with a 4-way secured entry pallet.

For our ease, the Varibox features a sturdy discharge value, which excludes the removal of a cap and provides safe and measured dispensing. Integrated vents also open automatically when dispensing is allowed, and a pressure discharge system is ready for products that cause a pressure build-up.

Labeling options are available on multiple sides for IMDG guidelines
& also included RFID tag allows tracking of the Varibox everywhere in the distribution chain.


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