UN Shipping Codes – The Safe Way To Ship Your Goods

Do you ship packages for work? For your international clients? Do you need to certify your packages? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know about UN shipping codes. UN shipping codes are a safe way to ship your goods and comply with the UN shipping standards.

What is UN Shipping Codes?

United Nations shipping codes are a set of numbers that you can use to send packages across international borders. 

All UN markings must have an approved UN mark followed by a code string. These codes identify the type of material each UN-approved package is authorized to carry and the maximum gross mass or specific gravity. The codes also indicate the year and location of manufacture.

What is The Purpose of the UN Shipping Codes?

UN shipping codes ensure that your packages are delivered to their destination without any problems or issues. You can verify that your package complies with the UN shipping standards using UN shipping codes.

You can verify that your package meets the UN shipping standards using the shipping codes. It can help avoid any delays or problems with your shipment. 

Safely transporting packaging containing dangerous goods is a priority and legal requirement for those shipping them. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure public safety is of the utmost importance.

The United Nations has set regulations that condemn ineffective packaging for goods deemed dangerous during transit. It means that only packages certified by UN packaging standards may be used.

Shippers must declare that they have packaged any dangerous goods with suitable materials and have done so following UN specifications for boxes and packaging.

How Do I Use UN Shipping Codes?

The certificate has unique identification numbers that code the packaging supplier and product manufacturer. 

The features are listed below of UN Certified Packaging.

The UN packaging certificate has comprehensive details of the testing data for the related packaging, such as boxes, metal drums, plastic drums, fiberboard drums, square fiber drums, and IBC containers. These UN packaging codes are given to the user to imprint on the outer surface of boxes or packaging material.

UN Packaging symbol: 

The symbol indicates that items are being tested and qualified for all the performance parameters required for UN certification. After all the tests have been passed, a UN number is given to the packaging consignment for the specific supplier for the product.

What are The Benefits of Using the UN Certified Packaging?

The benefits of using United Nation’s shipping codes include the following:

-Your packages will be delivered to their destination without any problems

-You will be compliant with the UN shipping standards

-You will save time on your shipping process

If you are shipping packages for work or your international clients, use United Nation’s shipping codes. They are a safe way to ship your goods and comply with the UN shipping standards.

An example of the approval of UN Certified Packaging manufactured in Canada is as follows:

4G/Z 20/S/20 CAN/123456789

The first item, 4GV, relates to the type of container, numbered from 1–7, and the material used, A-P.
1 — Drums/Pails
2 — Barrels
3 — Jerricans
4 — Boxes
5 — Bags
6 — Composite Packaging
7 — Pressure Receptacle

A — Steel
B — Aluminium
C — Natural Wood
D — Plywood
F — Reconstituted Wood
G — Fibreboard
H — Plastic
L — Textile
M — Paper
N — Metal other than Steel or Aluminium
P — Glass

Next comes the rating for how high the goods being transported rate on the dangerous goods list, X, Y, Z, and the weight, gross mass, or specific gravity permitted.

X — High Hazard Level — Packing Groups I, II, and III
Y — Medium Hazard Level — Packing Groups II and III
Z — Low Hazard Level — Packing Groups III only

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