Securikett launches fully transparent security label with wow effect

The Austrian security label producer Securikett has demonstrated itself as a pioneer and international product and brand protection leader over many years. Now, the security label factory has created a completely transparent security label with an awe-inspiring opening effect for the first time. 

The so-called “HighContrastVoid” is an entirely invisible label that integrates seamlessly into any product or packaging design without varying the product’s external appearance and, at the same time, delivers the highest level of product protection. This breakthrough in tamper-evident void label technology reduces the barrier of entry since these labels can be positioned over existing text and graphics without influencing the look or readability of the existing package or requiring any package redesign.

What Are High-Contrast Void Labels?

High-contrast void labels are a type of security label that uses a unique adhesive that, when removed, leaves behind a visible void pattern that is highly visible and difficult to replicate. This makes them an excellent choice for applications where the label’s security is critical, such as product authentication, warranty seals, and asset tracking.

Source: Securikett

Security solution for high-quality packaging The inconspicuous label turns into an eye-catcher when peeled off, which makes it especially conducive to use in the extravagance sector. 

A formerly invisible motif evolves visible when peeled off. The motif of the opening effect can be customized, permitting the subtle integration of a business logo. 

Vanessa Mitterer, head of the R&D department at Securikett, explains, “The fully transparent design of the labels indicates that customers do not have to change the packaging design, and the product’s appearance is not affected in any way. On the other hand, the surprising opening effect leads to an unforgettable “unboxing” experience for the consumer.”

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