Thermoforming packaging machine for medical devices as per GMP – Multivac

MULTIVAC will be exhibiting packaging solutions for sensitive products. The spotlight will be the GMP design RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine, which will be given to visitors first. 

An integrated handling module and an InteliJet HD digital printer from BELL-MARK form an effective solution for creating and printing combi packs with a syringe, filter, and vial.

RX 4.0 in GMP Combi packs

The production line is fully enclosed in the housing. The new generation of intelligent dies also contributes to high efficiency, process reliability, and operational security in expanding the machine’s complete sensor system. 

Gratitude to their highly generated actuating system, the RFID-coded X-tools allow the die to be changed fast and reliably during product transitions. The RX 4.0 is supplied with an InteliJet HD digital printer from BELL-MARK for coding the packs. 

An incorporated H 242 handling module in the outfeed extent withdraws the packs from the machine.

Tray sealer is designed to meet the high demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

With its mobile and compact T 260 tray sealer, MULTIVAC shows a model intended for running a broad spectrum of trays and offers companies packing small to medium-sized batches a high degree of process reliability, reproducibility, and above all flexibility. 

The sealing die ensures that a controlled sealing pressure and precise temperature distribution are achieved. Critical parameters are monitored permanently by sensors.

Secure packaging of medical products in film pouches

MULTIVAC will be showing the C 300 TC chamber machine for packing sterile medical products in pre-made pouches. It enables packs to be produced either as vacuum packs or with modified atmosphere and reduced residual oxygen content. 

A temperature-controlled and permanently heated sealing bar ensures that this cleanroom-compatible machine achieves reproducible sealing quality, and the whole process can be calibrated and validated.

Carrier system as the basis for the controlled transportation, loading, and buffering of syringes.

MULTIVAC also shows a carrier system with an integrated H 242 handling module for loading syringes into combi packs. 

A high-performance vision system will be used on the carrier system. This ensures that, even at high throughput, all the packs are inspected for completeness, and it also checks whether the individual products are loaded correctly into the pack cavities.

Wrap-around labeling of cylindrical containers

Among the other exhibits is a compact solution for the wrap-around labeling of glass or plastic bottles. The L 320 conveyor belt labeler was specially developed for rapid and precise labeling of round or oval bottles, pots, or glass jars. 

Since the labeler is constructed of standard modular elements, it can be perfectly designed for the requirements of the particular sector. In addition to this, the conveyor belt labeler can easily be upgraded with additional components, such as the MRT 100 rotating table, so that the products can be brought directly to the labeling process or buffered if required. 

How to check the compatibility of a medical device with packaging material

The model is also very versatile when it comes to label positioning. Labels can be positioned on all sides and over the pack edges or as wrap-around labels. The application of sealing labels is also possible. Thanks to a minimum of format parts, which can be changed very quickly, the

L 320 can be converted to different products within a short period. The rapid change of label rolls, together with low-maintenance components, also contribute to the labeler’s high level of availability.

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