The Mixed packaging, the perfect combination between the lightness of cardboard and the strength of wood

Source: DS Smith

Mixed packaging is a progression of the traditional transport boxes made of wood. Its unique characteristics make it an excellent packaging for products of enormous dimensions and weight.

Main advantages of the mixed packaging

The mixed packaging is an excellent combination of the wood on the sides with the corrugated cardboard body. It achieved a lighter product without losing the solidity thanks to the wood reinforcement.

 According to the requirements of the customers, is another of its excellent features. These packages are versatile in phases of their application. They can be customized inside to directly influence the reduction in the box’s volume, or can the body be reinforced with wooden bridges to make the solution more robust.

They are also optimized for transport and storage, since thanks to their robustness, these packages can be stacked and palletized without lost their shape or damaging their contents. They are also designed for easy and safe long-distance transport. 

To this end, in addition to interior customization, the exterior can also be customized, with the possibility of adding handles and locks for an optimum vehicle, or front or side openings, among others.

From DS Smith Tecnicarton, we can deliver these packages pre-assembled (possibility of JIT) and even construct the boxes at your abilities with the In House service. Also, they are available in tiny production lots, allowing a decline in logistics costs.

Sustainability at the heart of our strategy

Through DS Smith Tecnicarton, we are faithful to quality and the environment. We focus on providing real industrial packaging solutions designed to be material-neutral and tailored to our customer’s industrial products while being environmentally responsible.

Inside the framework of our new sustainability strategy, ‘Now and Next,’ we optimize resource use in every new development. To this end, we get 100% of resources from responsible sources to combat deforestation, using converted elements, or from a certified chain of custody.

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