Sustainable food packaging award to MondiGroup

Mondi Group, a global packaging and paper company, has acknowledged this year with the Austrian Green Star Packaging Awards. The award is for two recent sustainable food packaging innovations developed using its customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions:

Two food packagings developed applying the EcoSolutions approach have been recognized:
  1. PerFORMing – it’s a paper-based packaging has a patented barrier for cheese slices product, created for Austrian retailer REWE
  2. Thermoform Packaging – A fully recyclable and mono-material film developed for Austrian meat company Hütthaler’s.
Source: Mondi Group
Mondi’s EcoSolutions program focuses on generating products for customers using paper where potential and plastic when useful.

PerFORMing – paper-based packaging with special barrier coating to protect cheese slices

Austria’s biggest retailer REWE worked together with Mondi to launch a more sustainable cheese tray for their organic brand Ja! Natürlich. Mondi developed a special kraft paper, Advantage Formable Brown, to replace rigid plastic trays. Its unique stretch characteristics mean it can be formed into a shallow tray enhanced with an outstanding barrier coating.
This PerFORMing technology combines 80% paper, a renewable and recyclable raw material, with a 20% barrier coating.

Fully recyclable thermoforming plastic film for meat

Mondi was able to reinvent packaging for Austrian meat producer Hütthaler. The packaging was designed for recycling while maintaining optimum barrier properties and replacing less sustainable packaging.
Schuster and Koppitz, on behalf of their teams, expressed how happy they are to win these awards. Both packagings underscore Mondi’s dedication to developing sustainable solutions that offer to a better world.
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Read more about the fully recyclable thermoforming plastic film here: “Mondi partners with meat producer Hütthaler to create new fully recyclable plastic packaging.”
Technical details about PerFORMing:
  • Formable paper packaging with a patented barrier
  • Made from natural brown paper (Advantage Formable Brown)
  • Ideally suited for shallow food trays (e.g., for cheese, meat or fish)
  • High symmetrical stretch for uniform formability
  • Suitable for existing filling lines
  • Results in 70% less plastic used compared to rigid plastic trays.
  • 70% CO2 reduction compared to plastic alternative 
Technical data for the recyclable thermoforming film:
  • Newly developed plastic film for thermoforming applications, which fulfills all functionalities of previous multi-material structures
  • Completely recyclable through the use of a mono-material
  • Significant improvement of the CO2 balance compared to existing packaging is possible up to 50%
  • Suitable for packaging products with excellent sealability requirements, as top and bottom film are made of the same material
  • Gives food a longer shelf life due to a unique gas barrier.
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