Stora Enso launches wood-fiber-based bio-composite Packaging solutions – Cosmetics, Food, and Luxury Industry

Stora Enso launches wood-fiber-based biocomposite packaging solutions - Cosmetics, Food, and Luxury Industry-PackagingGURUji

Stora Enso launches DuraSense™ by Stora Enso – wood-based biocomposites for high-end cosmetics, food, and luxury brands exploring choices to plastic packaging. Among the help of DuraSense, consumers have high interests in aesthetics, and real values can make their packaging enhanced eco-friendly.

Starting DuraSense to customer sections is another step on Stora Enso’s journey to substitute fossil-based packaging materials with renewable solutions gradually.

DuraSense is a mixture of wood fibers and polymers, makes it fossil, bio-based or recycled. Having the blend of wood fibers and bio-based polymers, got up to 98% recyclable elements and, thus, decrease to rely on limited fossil resources.

DuraSense is a cost-efficient and resource-efficient choice for decreasing the environmental impact of products.

Stora Enso began the commercial production of biocomposites in 2018 and had the largest capacity in Europe dedicated to wood-fiber-based composites. The raw material for DuraSense comes from sustainably managed Nordic forests covered by third-party-certified Chain of Custody systems.



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