RPC re-Design the Westland lawn spreader pack

RPC Design has executed a re-design of the won the award Westland lawn spreader pack that has presented good sustainability advantages. The innovative container is with lower in weight and more comfortable to assemble the part while still maintaining all the available benefits of the original.

The Aftercut Even-Flo lawn spreader package emphasizes a combined chute that assures the evenest spread of granules during spreading. The redesign engages all of the characteristics of the existing and has decreased the number of parts in the container from nine to three, following in an overall weight decrease of 40%.

This is accomplished by including the handle into the body of the bottle preferably than it being part of the dispenser. This supports secure handling for the end-user while indicating that the dispenser no longer requires to bear the weight of the full container, permitting the dispenser to be light weighted.

In extension to the existing folding spout and ball that equally divides the fertilizer and the extensive labeling area for retail branding store and user guidance, the new pack emphasizes a tamper-evident clip, a modest label shape for more practical application, and an improved removal device for the dispenser to make refilling easier.

The container for the new pack is blow molded in HDPE at RPC Promens Industrial Rushden, and the dispenser injection molded by RPC M&H Market Rasen.


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