Plastic Era – do we need to change?

Plastic Era – do we need to change-PackagingGURUji

Started in the 1950s, the generation of plastic has outpaced that of nearly every other material. Most of the plastic we create is meant to be thrown away after being used only once.
As a result, plastic packaging estimates for approximately half of the plastic waste in the world.
Our strength to manage with plastic trash is already overcome. Nearly 10 percent of the nine billion tonnes of plastic the world has ever produced has been recovered. Right now, our consumption and waste management systems maintain, then by 2050, there will be around 120 millions of tonnes of plastic dumps in landfills and the environment.
But, this type of in plastic production continues at its current rate, then the plastics industry may value for 20 percent of the world’s total oil consumption.
All the conventional plastics do not biodegrade. Alternatively, they slowly break down into smaller particles known as micro-plastics. Studies recommend that plastic bags and bottles made of expanded PS polystyrene foam will take up to several thousands of years to decay, contaminating soil and water.
Mainly it is single-use plastics discovered in the atmosphere
cigarette butts, plastic drinking bottles, plastic bottle caps, food wrappers, plastic grocery bags, plastic lids, straws and stirrers, other types of plastic bags, and take-away foam bags.
These are the trash products of a throwaway society that treats plastic as a disposable material rather than a valuable source to be harnessed.


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