SÜDPACK Medica presents PharmaGuard Blister

With PharmaGuard, the pharmaceutical industry now has a recyclable film solution for blister packaging with outstanding material properties and a strong foundation for improving the eco-balance of blister packaging. 

PharmaGuard Blister

The base and lidding films produced in an innovative coextrusion process are based on the polymer polypropylene (PP). They are, therefore, designed as a complete mono-material solution for feeding into recycling streams. 

Furthermore, the solution offers outstanding material efficiency and, thanks to the low density of PP, conserves a significant amount of resources while keeping high yields. 

Per the life cycle assessment performed by Sphera, the new packaging concept is associated with a significantly reduced climate impact (in CO2-eq) and lower energy and water consumption corresponding to other prevalent blister solutions.

Not only sustainable and safe but also efficient the process

For optimum product safety and highest stability, the films can be equipped with different barriers and mechanical properties to suit the product to be packaged. 

The excellent pharmacopeia-compliant water-vapor-barrier properties are an imposing feature over the entire residual wall thickness.

Despite the specific material features of PP films, SÜDPACK customers also benefit from processing PharmaGuard because the materials can be processed with only minor modifications to existing packaging lines. 

The material’s excellent sealing performance ensures the highest possible packaging quality and safety in a highly efficient process. 

Additional advantages include the outstanding thermoforming properties and the uniform forming behavior of the base film. Lastly, the SÜDPACK solution also stands out thanks to its very high transparency compared to the other PP-based blister film solutions currently on the market.

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