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A blooming e-business

When one of the biggest flower growers in Turkey needed a versatile, secure, and sustainable solution for shipping their wide range of plant products, we designed the cutting-edge ‘FloralBox’ as the one fits all packaging solution.

Responding to blooming trends

For Queen Agriculture, Internet sales of flowers are a new segment of the business offered to its customers. Seeking to differentiate themselves from their competitors, they asked us to design an innovative shipping style that would overcome two challenges.
  • The potted plants of different types and sizes should be shipped in only one box type to their delivery points – quickly and without being damaged.
  • That consumers have the perfect experience with the brand and during unboxing.

Turkish Award-Winning Floral Box 2020

Our innovation team found a functional and unique fix with our award-winning FloralBox.
FloralBox is an e-commerce solution offering a modular system to securely ship potted plants of different types and sizes and in various combinations. 
The additional protection needs of the various plants can be accommodated with the one-for-all insert. The inserts are used as fixations to prevent smaller plants from tumbling or to shield sensitive petals from massive convulsions in transit. The dual functionality is revealed by only utilizing the insert right side up or upside down. 

FloralBox – Recyclable and Sustainable Packaging

Queen Agriculture now needs only one packaging type for its e-commerce business, facilitating procurement, storage, and internal logistics processes. The 100% corrugated solution avoids plastic fillers and wrapping, making FloralBox a fully recyclable and sustainable packaging system.
Ebru Akgun Ozdemir, Marketing and Brand Manager of Queen Agriculture, explains why they chose to work with Mondi once again: “As our innovative solutions partner, Mondi helps us to satisfy growing customer demands. We can deliver plants of different types and sizes intact and without unnecessary plastics because of the versatility and durability of the FloralBox. We feel confident we can continue to innovate our product delivery offering with Mondi’s support.” Internet sales have blossomed since the FloralBox, and consumers are delighted by the pristine condition the plants arrive in and the positive unboxing experience.

An innovative style for a cleaner future

The Floral Box combines innovation in paper packaging with a sustainable and satisfying end-user experience, from safe product shipping to a unique unboxing offering. “The FloralBox matches our vision to contribute to a better world and is our next logical step in creating sustainable solutions to replace plastic.

3R – Action

We strive to reduce our packaging solutions’ environmental footprint based on three actions – Replace, Reduce, Recycle – and FloralBox is one of many worthwhile designs in the making. Consequently, we already started a project to replace the plastic pots with corrugated pots in e-flower shipments”, says Fatos Adak, Product Innovation Manager of Mondi Tire Kutsan.

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