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Future packaging – Beauty Brands

The modern consumer is flagging the way for a prospect that is innovative, sustained, and reliable. If brands want to keep up, they’ll perform a meaningful role and deliver products that adjust to this vision. The cosmetics industry has to adapt to improved consumer expectations. 

We are living in modern times and out of the box packaging era. After the COVID-19 crisis, our world was full of disruption, from technology shifts and digitization to Gen Z and consumer preferences’ evolution. To continue success, brand managers, innovation teams, and designers will need to modify to a ‘new normal’ and the future of packaging.

It will need to get solutions and adjust to the exponential increase of digital channels born from living in lockdowns and ongoing social distancing restrictions; the wellness megatrend evolving to encapsulate packaging products’ origin and ethics raises environmental sensitivities. 

The future of packaging

And that’s to name a few. Many instances are there of how future-gazing can encourage Innovation. It exists to appease the need for plastic-free, sustainable packaging with a passion for premium and bespoke aesthetics. Likewise, the origin of uncoated papers made from 100% post-consumer waste for beauty and cosmetic packaging is a more distant demonstration. 

As we try to predict the ‘new normal’ and beyond, identify the top five foresight for the future of beauty and cosmetics packaging. 

1. Augmented reality  

In the future, augmented reality (AR) will become part of our everyday lives. A Few Years back, worldwide beauty retailer, Sephora, unveiled its 3D AR mirror at a collection of its standalone kiosks, which simulate makeup on a user’s face, in realtime. 

We can expect to see this technology make its way from stores to packaging in the next decade. By holding an eyeshadow palette or hair dye package, shoppers will have a visual representation of the makeup looks they can design or their hair in another color displayed. Giving customers the capability to see products come to life helps reduce that purchase decision and hopefully eradicate unnecessary purchasing rapidly.

AR also presents a crucial after-sale opportunity. It can show the consumer the ‘what’s next,’ providing a full understanding of what the product and packaging are made of, how it’s manufactured, and what can be done after primary use. This could go a long way in overcoming the confusion around how to recycle correctly and will both involve and educate consumers in a way that isn’t likely through the limited on-pack communication we have free today. 

2. Recyclable and biodegradable solutions 

Sustainability is now a megatrend and has been growing momentum for some time. We have seen an increasing demand for Innovation in sustainable packaging, especially from the cosmetics industry. Brands such as Floral Street are trying to change the status quo by using our paper fiber solutions to attempt products with no cello-wrap, no printed cards, just excellent molded boxes that are easy to recycle. 

Seeing the future of packaging, we can anticipate seeing biodegradable solutions take an entirely new meaning. We are already considering ‘natural’ innovations that manage the packaging industry, such as Skipping Rocks Lab’s edible and biodegradable seaweed packaging utilized in the food and beverage industry. In the beauty world, we might see pods of mouthwash packaged in dissolvable seaweed or exfoliants sold in packaging, including nutrients and seeds planted in the garden to sprout fauna herbs over time. 

3. Packaging with a second life 

Due to the increase in social influencer ‘unboxing’ videos, customers demand the same buying experience. In the future, cosmetic brands require a balance between allowing an experience while cutting down excessive packaging. To do so, brands should be creative in providing reusable and refillable packaging of very high quality. An example of a company now doing so is global cosmetics company LUSH, which awaited us with a brief to create a standalone box that would select stable bath oils. 

The packaging would be 100% recyclable and run as a ‘pick-n-mix,’ empowering customers to keep their choice of products, take them home, and re-use the box on their subsequent visit to any LUSH store. 

This environmentally beneficial solution adds a personal feel to the consumer experience. In the future, we can anticipate seeing beauty retailers offer ‘naked’ products in-store, with reusable packaging possible across their ranges. 

4. Technology leads the way

Cosmetics brands will continue to borrow inspiration from consumers’ interactions with tech products, such as lipsticks and bottles, designed to open with a scrolling or swiping gesture. We already see these ideas develop, with products such as the ‘You Perfume Solid’ from Glossier or the ergonomic packaging from Lilah B on the market. Technology will also drive the use of innovative materials, such as shape-memory composites and polymers, which will serve as packaging before being reconfigured to a form for another purpose. 

5. In-built product protection 

As we develop from Covid-19, we assume demand for technology to create packaging that protects against potentially dangerous micro-organisms transferred by touch. Anti-microbial solutions have been used in pharma care products for ages. 

Our anti-microbial paper shield is an outstanding example of what could be useful for packaging in a retail environment or subject to various product approaches in the supply chain. 

The paper is specifically treated with a silver compound proven to be safe and effective against the growth of micro-organisms, such as the antibiotic-resistant superbugs MRSA, E-coli and the Norovirus. 

Best Innovation ever in Packaging Field….Killer paper for food product

The anti-microbial system is encapsulated into the papers and boards during manufacture and remains active for the product’s life. This means it cannot be washed or rubbed off. This sort of technology will be beneficial now and in the future for beauty packaging that may handle multiple times.

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