New food-safe Adhesive for Paper Straws in India

H.B. Fuller India declares a new food-safe adhesive following its leading Swift tak brand to match the growing paper straws need. Paper straws have been an actual challenge for the industry and consumers alike, but the company’s newest launch allows differentiated benefits in terms of sustainability, safety, and manufacturing efficiency.

Swift tak PS5600-I

H.B. Fuller recognizes food safety as of the utmost quality and key to sustaining life and developing good health. As more users adopt an “anti-single use plastic” mindset and governments react with a sense of importance, paper straws are converting into an increasingly prominent alternative. Consequently, its team in India has launched Swift®tak PS5600-I, a food-safe adhesive for the paper straw market.

Created by local H.B. Fuller specialists, the new water-based technology facilitates improved food-safe solutions with straw integrity while the consumer is enjoying a beverage and makes durable paper straws that withstand three-hour endurance in an extensive range of liquids, including water, juices, soft drinks, and milk. 

FDA regulation

Straws made with Swift tak adhesives meet FDA 176.170 regulatory.

“No matter if you are beginning your paper straw company, expanding your collection from plastic to paper, or simply enhancing your technology to be high water-resistant, keeping the right adhesive is key to producing a safe, long-lasting paper straw that keeps its integrity during use and that help reduce environmental footprint,” says Harsh Gupta, IMEA Managing Director. “Our new Swift tak PS5600-I is really at the forefront of innovation while being plasticizer-free, and by allowing more than three-hour liquid resistance and greater operational efficiencies.”

During application 

The company has promoted its grade of adhesives for very fast-moving paper straw machines, taking production to a new level of performance and product quality. Swift®tak maintains fast-setting products that are more comfortable and cleaner to work with and cause minor wear and tear on machinery. 

Performance of Adhesive

Hence, this straw solution enables companies to concentrate more on product quality and manufacturing and less on operational issues. As beverage brands, restaurants, and organizations transition from plastic to paper straws, they must give liquid-resistant, compliant, and food-safe straws made for a more sustainable future.

By leveraging its lab in Shirwal, near Pune, the H.B. Fuller R&D team worked closely with technical paper and machine manufacturers to customize the formulation for high-speed paper straw production and address specific applications and equipment. This capability and technical knowledge based in India allows the global company to test adhesives with manufacturers’ paper samples before running the adhesive on their paper straw lines ̶̶̶ providing confidence in product review before halting regular production to trial new material.

“The industry is firmly moving towards more eco-friendly processes and parts. Adhesives, a small, yet central, actor in the change towards circularity and sustainability, are now helping manufacturers address major concerns with plastic and tackling the paper straw market needs to continue to grow in popularity and usage,” concludes Gupta.

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