New Design for RB’s Air Wick Freshmatic

Source: AirWick
The global design agency chose the theme ‘continuous freshness’ to capture the new fragrance and odor-neutralizing technology. It distilled the pre-existing visual iterations into a simple, easy to understand design while letting the new device take center stage through an enlarged pack window.
The redesign retains the bold, impactful colors casual to existing customers and further analyzes the layout to ensure that it communicates clearly and achieves shelf stand-out.
Clear and unfussy graphic language speaks to the idea of purity and odor-neutralizing technology, and each fragrance is illustrated on the pack for quick communication with the associated color palette for simple navigation.
The DCA Design International worked on the container to reduce the plastic by 17.2% and reduce the number of batteries needed from two to one.
RB’s Freshmatic Marketer David Bermejo said: “the understanding of our customer’s desires for the redesign was necessary. The device has been regularly delivered in terms of fragrance over a long period. Still, the new design allows the product to take center-stage in the home environment, something to be proudly displayed and not hidden away.
“Reducing the volume of plastic is also hugely positive, and part of our goal is to make the devices more responsible, which has also reduced the total shipping weight by 28.9%. which significantly reduces CO2 emanations and fossil fuel consumption for shipping.”


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