Launched World’s Smallest, Best-Performing RFID Inlay for Latest Medication Packaging by Tageos

DoseID for Pharma Sector

Tageos, a global leader in RFID inlays and tags, launched its EOS-202 U9 RAIN RFID inlay. With the tiniest form factor available today for healthcare and pharmaceutical applications, the original inlay has successfully passed the most advanced tests specified by the Auburn University RFID Lab Spec S. Furthermore, EOS-202 U9 is certified by DoseID suitable for a broad range of pharmaceutical and healthcare objectives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the requirement for high-performance, resilient healthcare explications worldwide. RFID technology contributes significantly to that by seamlessly tracking and tracing pharmaceutical elements on a unit-of-use basis. DoseID, an enterprise consortium for the use of RFID technology in the healthcare and pharmaceutical area, certifies RFID inlays to track pharmaceuticals.

Superior solution for unit-of-use medications

With the EOS-202 U9, Tageos is not quickly expanding the range of DoseID certified and ARC Spec S passed inlays invented for unit-of-use medications and specimens in pharmaceutical applications. The French-headquartered RFID supplier is promoting that range with a product of unique capabilities. 

Advanced UHF – RFID

The most advanced UHF product features a sophisticated, very-small-footprint antenna design containing just 20×10 mm (wet inlay finished size 22×12 mm) adjacent NXP’s state-of-the-art UCODE9 IC. The IC complies with this EPC Class 1 Gen 2 etiquette and the ISO 18000-6c model for global use and highlights auto-adjust technology, various brand identifiers, and pre-serialized 96-bit EPC memory.

Conventional for tagging all most advanced items specified by ARC Spec S

The chip and the antenna pattern tailored to its make EOS-202 U9 the market’s most small RAIN RFID inlay (as of August 2021) to display strong performance across all varieties of things currently examined according to ARC Spec S for healthcare and pharmaceutical administrations.

Its industry-leading read consciousness and reliability, even in dense RFID tag populations, make the EOS-202 U9 viable for use beyond the latest portfolio of approved parts outlined by ARC Spec S, including cleared and amber liquid glass vials, clear glass powder vials, plastic/COC syringes, plastic syringe caps, and plastic blow-fill- seal vials. That performance edge handles a wide range of hospital, pharmaceutical, and inventory management workflows and comes without any size disadvantage compared to other certified inlays.

The new EOS-202 U9 high-performance UHF product indicates Tageos’ commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality RFID inlays, approved by the company’s prize of the ARC Quality Certification for the design and production of its RFID inlays and tags. The new inlay is prepared in dry, wet, and paper-face formats in large quantities.

Giving the healthcare sector with the latest ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution

“The new EOS-202 U9 inlay underpins our powerful commitment to always provide our customers with the most excellent products in terms of highest performance, quality and sustainability. With its unique combination of the least size and optimum read characteristics in challenging environments, the new inlay gives the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector the ultimate ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution”, said Chris Reese, Head of Product Management at Tageos. “Because of its wide variety of applications, we consider the EOS-202 U9 as a true breakthrough product in the market”.

Tageos customer and DoseID establishing member Kit Check, the foremost provider of automated medication tracking and change detection solutions for hospital pharmacies in the U.S., announced its satisfaction with the new product. 

“We are delighted to have access to a different product that combines the smallest size in the market with different suitability for all relevant packaging items. It looks like the EOS-202 U9 delivers on its ‘one-size-fits-all’ promise, and that is great news for us and all of our customers”, said Kevin MacDonald, co-founder and CEO of Kit Check.

DoseID also greets the launch of the new Tageos EOS-202 U9 inlay: “It is great to see our list of certified inlays growing. The fact that there is now a product that exceeds all ARC Spec S tests also confirms our certification and testing idea makes it very easy for customers to adopt the right solution”, said Tim Kress-Spatz, member of the Board of Directors at DoseID.

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