Labeling is no more critical for Food and Beverages industry


Every year there is an improvement going on in the regulation of the food and beverages industry, to cater to the scandal in labeling.

The F&B companies have to be ready to change the label as per the laws defined by governing bodies. To fulfill the demand and the regulation has to comply, the system has to respond rapidly like to change in the ingredients and other information.

Here are 3keys for the label management system that can help.

#1. Demand should comply with the accurate information on a label
With the adding of ERP and label management software made it easy for getting the master data file with precise details.
Makes it control all the type of mistakes and error, and there is no such interruption of human error. Also enables the user to check the quality prior for the further step of printing.

#2. Create innovative and cost-efficient operation

Executing a label management system can keep endless working hours and enhance employee productivity. The central database can be refreshed immediately, and people can use templates to send out labels for printing, & save good time on designing labels manually.

By across standardizing the label management system with the software, make it easier for printing, and ensure the quality checks with the accurate data becomes easy and secures accurate lot and expiration date information.

#3: Efficient printing to make it easier, and quicker

Many F&B companies, preparing speed is an important KPI. Ever second counts lost in processing time can explicate into millions of dollars/pounds in lost earnings and dropped sales possibilities.
One of the customers estimated that adding simply .3 seconds to their label printing time would probably take them hundreds of thousands of dollars across all of their factories. Obtaining the level of agility and performance needed to race on this level requires a united label printing explication that can operate across all printers and factory locations.


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