Innovative scratch label for the daily medication

The ‘FabriSol’ label is a medication packaging solution created by student Ricky Stoch of the Royal College of Art. This type of scratch label can be available on the bottle label as well as on the monocarton. The patient has to scratch it to have the counting of regular medication. 

The patients can keep track themselves of their daily dosages. The top label on the packaging is designed especially for patients who are HIV positive and need daily antiretroviral treatment to keep the virus suppressed in their system. 

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The label highlights a total of 28 metallic scratch divisions that the patient can immediately and satisfyingly scratch once they have taken their daily dose to have them on the right track.

The ‘FabriSol’ label features a natural, innovative design that could be seamlessly combined onto virtually any medication packaging.

It also shows commitment for those who have other chronic conditions, including diabetes, tuberculosis, hypertension, and more.

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