Ground-breaking innovation in ink and primer for the Aluminum Foil & Foil Laminates

Constantia Flexibles

It is well recognized within pharmaceutical manufacturing that Constantia Flexibles is an excellent partner for exhibiting innovative, practical solutions to today’s most significant challenges. 

NDMA/NDEA contamination

In a recent advancement project, performed a fast turnaround on some breakthrough innovative inks and primers as part of the industry-wide effort to minimize the risk of NDMA/NDEA contamination in medicines. 

When found evidence of nitrosamines in API in 2018, the pharmaceutical industry comes into action – even though the hazard to humans is comparatively minimal. Constantia Flexibles published a special edition of the Pharma newsletter in mid-2019 to clarify the administration from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that proposed packaging might play a role. 

Nitrocellulose-based Inks and Primers

Although nitrocellulose-based inks and primers applied in the packaging process could, in theory, nitrosating display agents, tests have explained that both the likelihood of nitrosamine development and the well-being risk correlated with it is very low for the packaging.

However, the evidence that there was even a minimum risk was enough to satisfy the stakeholders required to come collectively. It needs to eliminate the threat once and for all. When we accepted an offer to collaborate on the advancement of nitrocellulose-free inks and primers to stop even the slightest risk of nitrosamines being created during the packaging process, we started at the chance! 

A team of specialists at Constantia Flexibles partnered with many ink suppliers to put many different solutions to the test lot more accessible to accomplish during the pre-COVID, pre-lockdown days. 

Thanks to our joint development works, we ultimately found a solution that achieved outcomes comparable to those of the NC-based inks now in use.

Free nitrocellulose ink

Constantia Patz was happy to give the first market-ready inks and primers completely free of nitrocellulose in the first quarter of 2020. Operating on this forward-looking advancement with allies in the inks sector and the pharmaceutical industry was a great expertise and a worthy endeavor that will benefit other consumers and all customers for years to come.

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