Enhanced heat seal coating for healthcare packaging solution by Amcor

ACT2100™ will give an enhanced performance, possible worldwide to allow enhanced business continuity and shorter supply chains.

ACT2100 – Heat Seal Coating

Amcor now started ACT2100™ heat seal coating for medical-grade DuPont™ Tyvek®2 and paper packaging applications. This next-generation coating technology gives enhanced performance characteristics for healthcare applications. It will be offered in multiple locations worldwide to provide customers with increased versatility to be supplied from the most proper place for the manufacturing and packaging of their devices.

Broader Seal Range

Consumers choosing ACT2100 will serve from the solution’s broader seal array in sequence with numerous materials, providing a more comprehensive operating window in their manufacturing processes and enhanced seal strength for more robust combination integrity through distribution.

Sterilization with Ethylene oxide 

Users will enjoy more rapid ethylene oxide sterilization cycles acknowledgments to the material’s improved porosity, a fiber-free peel, and a rich, white adhesive that does not turn yellow. In addition, documentation and data will assist healthcare packaging with regulative requirements in all organized markets.

The ACT2100 heat seal adhesive will join Amcor’s existing collection, high-performance Tyvek adhesives, having CR27® and SBP2000® heat seal coatings. This enables our clients to leverage traditional validations with legacy products or use ACT2100 for more latest demands.

This impressive innovation model on our reputation for high-quality, reliable execution of heat-sealing adhesives for medical-grade papers.

Tyvek material, including Amcor’s CR27 adhesive, an enterprise standard and highly advanced for nearly four decades. They’re happy with our new packaging solution, mainly since it has been developed leveraging the best of CR27 with changes aligned with our customer’s continuously growing requirements.

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