Emballator begins with a monotube – 100% plastic-free

Source: Emballator

Emballator allows products that decrease the environmental impact and that encourage their customers to attain their sustainability goals. As a part of this, Emballator is promptly pre-launch a monotube prototype – and is looking for associates to extend the development.

“We believe in collaborations when it comes to innovation that can improve the market. We are currently working with a pilot case but are seeing for new partners to commercialize the product and fully go to market”, says Tobias Lidevei, CEO at Emballator Tectubes.

Prototype – 100% Plastic-free

The prototype is composed of 100% aluminum and is a 100% plastic-free tube. Aluminum is known as a sustainable material, recognizing it being recyclable forever, but this tube is even better. Since also the cap is made of aluminum, there’s nothing that can conflict with or affect the recyclability.

“The monotube is in 100 % aluminum and performs the recycling process easier and more trustworthy. The tube has the same product highlights as an original tube and runs for all our market segments. Both tube and cap have the equivalent design as before.”

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