Daniels Healthcare introduced 100% recycled container for pharmaceutical waste

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Source: Daniels HealthCare

Recycled container for pharmaceutical waste

Daniels Healthcare, the UK market leader for sharps and clinical waste containers, has begun its prime waste container range made from 100% recycled plastic.

SHARPSGUARD Recycled Container

The new SHARPSGUARD eco pharma range combined the highest quality and safety standards with recycled plastic’s environmental advantages.
The primary sustainable product contribution from Daniels Healthcare is designed to distribute pharmaceutical waste in its original packaging. It is the foundation step in a longer-term plan to decrease single-use plastic across all products.
It appears on the back of the new Daniels Healthcare market research. This revealed that 86% of healthcare respondents said sustainability was essential or very necessary to their organization and ranked sustainability behind security and ease of use in terms of priorities.

Range of 100% recycled plastic for pharma waste

The new range will mean a 280-tonne decrease of single-use plastic within Daniels Healthcare per year, 80 ambulances’ weight. More active manufacturing times mean more containers in less time, saving 284 hours of energy use per year, and a manufacturing temperature decrease of 10% from 220ºc to 200ºc, below electricity consumption. 
The containers have always been stackable, which continues to lead in storage and transportation offerings. At no extra cost to consumers, healthcare providers have a sustainable product while maintaining value for money.
Kevin Cundy, Head of Sales and Marketing, UK & Ireland, said: “We understand the value of our responsibility to the environment beyond the legal and supervisory requirements, and are committed to reducing the impact of our activities.
Source: Daniels Healthcare
“This unique product range will help to reduce the environmental impression of our business and help the NHS in reaching its own sustainability goals. 
“As the first provider of sharps and clinical waste containers to the UK healthcare sector, we must innovate, react to the needs of our consumers, and help to build a better future for our planet. 
“Our vision is to be the most innovative sharps and clinical waste solutions company in the UK and Europe, implementing safe, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to the healthcare sector, and today explains our commitment to that promise.”


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